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We have a winner! And we have a reminder! Whoo!

First - fellas, there are only a few days left to enter in this week's challenge ( Click me, PLEAAAASE! ) and we have NO entries by now! *whines* You have until Sunday, November 19th, 11 pm EST to submit your entries! Keep them coming - pretty pleaaaaase? *bats eyelashes*
Second - The winners of last week's challenge!
Again, two vote weren't correct, so please don't throw with eggs at me if the results are different from the ones in the voting itself. ;)
Winner - Regular Challenge
First Place
 by padabee with 10 votes
Second Place
 by anli with 9 votes
Third Place - tie
 by padabee ,
 by takayajd
 by sunny1984 *beam* with each 5 votes
Mod's Choice picked by me
 by sarahc517
Winner - Theme Challenge
First Place
 by padabee with 7 votes
Second Place
 by </a></a>takayajd with 4 votes
Congrats to all the winners! *throws flowers* Your bannermaker will be amaurea2007 !
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wooooooooooow thanks soooo much :)