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We have a Winner!

First: Thank you guys ALL for your fantastic wallpapers! I loved them all and in my humble opinion each single one was a winner. ;)
Second: Due to some mistakes in voting of some dear voters the final results might be different to the one you all saw in the voting.
Banner-maker for this week is amaurea2007. :)
And now on to the winners!
Regular Challenge
First Place
 by sunny1984 with 12 votes *blush*
Second Place
 by amaurea2007 with 10 votes
Third Place
 by phoenixdragon06 with 9 votes and
Mod's Choice picked by sunny1984 (believe me , if I could I would have at least 3 more mod's choices...*sigh* )
 by nialish
Mod's Choice picked by takayajd
Regular Challenge
First Place
 by tinkerfairy with 15 votes
Second Place
 by leeloo3 with 13 votes
Third Place
 by padabee with 12 votes
Mod's Choice picked by sunny1984
 by sarahcs17
Mod's Choice picked by padabee
 by takayajd
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